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About Us

Rubber Granulators, Inc. has been recycling tires to provide crumb rubber for a variety of applications since 1978. Rubber Granulators, Inc. is located in Marysville, Washington. We serve the entire Pacific Northwest with a range of recycled rubber products.

The Founders

Horse Arena Footing

Our customers have used our crumb rubber for horse arena footing. Rubber horse arena footing is a modern cushioned surface which relieves stress on horse joints. Spreading a layer of our rubber chips on your arena surface improves drainage performance and comfort while reducing dust, compaction, and fatigue.

horse arena image

Rubber Mulch

We offer rubber mulch: a layer of loose rubber pieces provide a practical, safe, and cushioned playground surface. Our rubber mulch offers superior shock absorbing capability and is less abrasive than alternative materials. Rubber chips are less likely to compact than other loose-fill materials. Rubber mulch does not promote microbial growth, does not deteriorate over time, and therefore is becoming an increasingly popular landscaping solution.

brown mulch image

Crumb Rubber

For many years our customers have used crumb rubber to produce athletic tracks, E-layers, Infill Fields, and other surfaces.

track image