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RGI - Playground Covering

Playground Covering

Advantages of a ground rubber playground surface

  • Offers superior shock absorbing capability.
  • Is not abrasive.
  • Is less likely to compact than other loose-fill materials.
  • Does not promote microbial growth.
  • Does not deteriorate over time.
playground image
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playground image
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How much material do I need?

According to the "Handbook for Public Playground Safety" (pp 2, 5. Published by the Consumer Products Safety Commission), a six inch layer of rubber chips is sufficient to provide a critical height* of 10 feet. Tire chips weigh approximately 900 lbs per cubic yard. A one ton bag will cover approximately 120 square feet at a depth of 6 inches.
*Critical Height - The fall height below which a life threatening head injury would not be expected to occur.

Size and Cost

We have two sizes available; 1/2" and 1". Both sizes are packaged in one ton supersacks, are available for $225 each, and are guaranteed to be 99.9% wire free.